Bumper Cars Demolition Derby




    Bumper Cars Demolition Derby : Galaxy Wars 3D is an epic game where you really have to challenge yourselff to win it from your rivals. In this game it's not about driving good it's about hit them and hit them hard!

    Bumper Cars Demolition Derby : Galaxy Wars 3D allows you to choose your favorite bumper car and lets you enter in the bumper cars arena for some challenge. Bumper kids opponent are waiting on start line knock down every single one of your every opponent and try to destroy their cars which will get them eliminated.

    Go as fast as you can without any traffic hurdle on your winning way and show amazing skills of driving dodge the opponents challenger and burn your bumper car tyres to win the epic racing. Enjoy intuitive bumper car controls, amazing car models, 3d graphics and amazing game play to touch the finish line and win the champion trophy

    Easy to play
    Hit them as hard as possible
    Realitime Shadows
    Bump your way in the arena
    Roof top building driving like a pro
    Hit all your rivals and knock them out!

    Choose your favorite color of bumper car and become the best bumper car driver of arena.

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