Police Forklift Simulator Challenge 2017

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    Police Forklift Simulator Challenge 2017

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    3D Police Forklift Simulator Challenge 2017 is a new twist to the parking mania as well as simulation world, we give you the fun and excitement of being a police Fork Lifter driver. Your job is to pick up cars which violate the parking laws and then would have to fine them by transporting their vehicles to impound.

    The city is turning into a crime town with street racers driving cars fast and racing on the roads. These things cause road accidents and chaos. Play as a cop driving a police forklift car transporter to lift the cars, stuck on the roads due to accidents or traffic jam, drop them to the station, in this 3d driving simulator. 3D Police Forklift Simulator Challenge 2017 is a 3d simulator game to play as a cop transporting cars from one point to another within the city with his forklifting job. Drive, lift and carry the cars away. You may have driven forklift to transport cargo but playing as a duty cop is different. Enjoy this new concept in 3D Police Forklift Simulator Challenge 2017. You will get an extreme forklifting challenge with an aim to drive on the city roads and clear traffic jam. See if some cars are not properly parked or badly stuck somewhere, lift them with your forklift and drive them to save zone to clear the traffic on roads.

    3D Police Forklift Simulator Challenge 2017 is a car excavation game with cars stuck in heavy traffic on roads or in accidents. Maneuver around the city and play as the cop officer to manage the traffic flow on roads by using your forklift vehicle to lift and move cars to desired spot in this heavy vehicle driving sim. The game includes day, night and rain scenes with amazing 3d environment and awesome graphics. Swift and smooth gameplay controls make it even more interesting.

    CAUTION: Don’t drop down the cars or you’ll destroy the cars and fail the level.


    • Real Experience of Driving Police Forklift
    • Interesting Gameplay Missions
    • Play as a Police Officer Controlling Traffic
    • Smooth Steering, Car Lifting and Driving
    • Amazing 3D Graphics & Environment
    • Real-time Physics Controls for Driving Heavy Forklift
    • Smooth steering wheel control with hydraulic winch, brakes pedal and gearbox
    • Real life graphics and great gameplay to enhance your driver experience for mega vehicles
    • You got limited time to clear your missions so be as fast as possible
    • High definition sound and cool camera views

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    So Go ahead, enjoy the pleasure of driving by yourself! Download NOW for free 3D Police Forklift Simulator Challenge 2017 from App Store today.

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