Butcher X - Scary Horror Game




    Save your life from bloodthirsty and terrifying Horror Butcher suddenly finding yourself in his lair! Who is he? How did you appear in his terrible home? You will have to get answers to these questions yourself. Your task is not to lose self-control, to overcome fear and to find out how to escape from maniac Horror Butcher X!

    Your adventure will begin in the abandoned hospital. It is here that the Butcher will hunt you, searching the dark rooms! Try to find a way to open the front door and escape before he will catch you!

    Resolve puzzles, look for hidden passages, find the keys to the right doors and do not forget to hide from the horrible maniac!
    Remember that even the slightest noise will instantly attract the attention of your pursuer. Your secrecy is the key to success!

    - An ineffable atmosphere of classical horror.
    - Your own wit as the way to success.
    - A stunning soundtrack. Its ominous melodies will add atmospheric effects!
    - A fascinating storyline with unexpected turns.
    - Interactive game location with a lot of areas for research.

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