Castle Escape Prison Break Fighting




    Welcome to the fantasy medieval castle! You are the prisoner here, not a master, and your task is to run away! No one can stop you! Make a prison break from the catacombs of the realistic castle and have fun with Castle Escape Prison Break Fighting game!
    Harsh and cruel times have come… United army of your old count’s enemies made an alliance – war union – and destroyed his fortress, capturing his servants and retainers – and you were one of them! You should break out from the dungeons of this castle and find your way home!
    Emerge into the grim atmosphere of the Dark Fantasy with Castle Escape Prison Break Fighting! Feel like a real knight fighting against your wardens – bandits, peasants, and knights alike. Use different weapons and tools to get rid of chasers and enjoy ultimate fighting action game in 3D! Beat all the opponents and prove your worth as a true sword master playing amazing Castle Escape Prison Break Fighting game!
    Get ready to break free from realistic medieval castle prison right now! What’s a scream outta there? Oh, it’s an army of goblins, orcs and trolls storming the fortress-prison! It’s a high time to break out! Show your fighting skills using different punches, strikes and medieval melee weapons like sword, lance, morningstar to kill everyone on your way – guards, other knights, soldiers, or even your lockdown cell inmates! Fight, smash, slash and kill as a real medieval knight!
    Be a medieval knight breaking free from dungeons of local feudal’ fortress! Your master is dead, your friends were killed or captured by enemies, and there is no one to help! Fight for your life and find your way out of this fortress with Castle Escape Prison Break Fighting!
    Castle Escape Prison Break Fighting features:
    Ultimate fantasy action role-play game and prison break simulator in one app!
    Wide range of medieval weapons to use or craft
    Varies enemies - other prisoners (thieves and robbers), enemy knights, aggressive peasants and even goblins and trolls!
    Realistic environments and amazing 3D graphics
    Tired of usual police chase games and crime simulators? Survive this harsh jailbreak battle in the atmosphere of grim dark fantasy!