The long-awaited Enclose is here with more of the classic brand of addictive, intense, physics-based action that you’ve come to love from The Mascoteers team!

    The spiritual successor to the hugely successful 360 Degree, Enclose utilises the same game engine but adds a number of new wrinkles, features and ideas that are sure to appease fans of the original and also new gamers unfamiliar with the concept.

    The aim is to keep the ball in play for as long as possible as it bounces around inside a large shape, which is made up of any number of walls. By tilting your phone, you are able to rotate the shape and manipulate the movement of the ball to avoid hazards and collect rubies. The challenge is to ensure none of the outer walls disappear; when they start flashing it’s high time to bounce the ball off them! Otherwise you’ll have a tough time keeping the ball in play...

    As you progress and collect rubies, more and more levels with different shapes are unlocked with even more hazards and pitfalls to challenge you! It’s all about working the angles and keeping your cool in the mayhem, when the chips are down. How long can you keep the ball in play?

    Expect an even longer-lasting gaming experience that draws you in more and more with every play. Download for free now and pick up where you left of with 360 Degree!

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