Zombie shooting game




    Kill the infected zombies for the survival of the zombies in the death target.

    Death goal is no nonsense zombie shooting game filled with guns, zombies, shoots and headshot. Explore more maps to collect more guns to survive. Pull the trigger on the zombie.

    Kill the zombie is natural. Shoot kill and enjoy your survival while continuing.

    Stand and defend
    Moving tired is necessary. In any case, the zombie will come for you. Many of them. With the best survival skills into the battle. Choose the right gun, aim, shoot and kill (oh, also grenade!)

    Classic and humble guns
    All you want to find in the FPS gun, real, oil and calibration. More interesting, strange, fatal attack guns. Just do not go to shoot yourself. We just added a ** flame thrower **! Please be careful not to burn yourself yourself.

    Zombies, dozens of types
    Zombies are a diverse race. Born in the virus, but no zombies were born equal. Some soon Some very strong Some of the dead people are just annoying. Either way, they will attack you from the most unexpected corner. Recently we decided to double down and add more annoying zombie games :)

    Gun test
    Added. This is self-evident. We are happy to offer you the taste of the awesome creatures we create. Line up your lens, pull the trigger and kill it. The feature is random, but we like the surprise.