Little Tailor Cloth Maker




    Merry Christmas girls and boys! Have you ever stitched Christmas dresses for you own? If your answer is no, then welcome in this cloth maker game. In this little tailor game, you will be a little tailor of your own tailor boutique. Opening a tailor boutique is not so much complex task if you have little tailor skills. Here you can run your tailor boutique in good manners and earn handsome amount by stitching cloth maker dresses of your customers. Cloth maker dresses are known as designer dresses which have been loved by everyone. Customers can get stitched readymade clothes as well as customized dress by their family tailor. Due to happy New Year & Christmas, shopping mall is fully crowded of people for shopping. On Christmas day, everyone wants to wear new dresses, shoes and much more. Its golden chance for you, to open your own tailor boutique in shopping mall and show your little tailor expertise. You have to stitch Christmas dress by your little tailor skills. Start by stitching Trouser and end up with shirt in your own tailor boutique. Here you will need sufficient Tailor cloth to stitch customized dresses. Tailor cloth is also known as unstitched cloth which is used for sketching and stitching through machine. Just pick tailor cloth and make a cloth maker dress.
    • Make sketch on tailor cloth
    • Start stitching through machine
    • Fix buttons and paste texture on cloth maker dress
    During happy New Year & on Christmas Day, mostly people wear dress in white and red combination. You have also done your duty and stitch Christmas dress. Let’s dress up now for Christmas day. One thing is remaining which is Christmas tree. It’s time to decorate Christmas tree with beautiful lights.