Frozen Yogurt Maker Fruity Fun




    Frozen Yogurt Desert Ice Creams for Donut, Pops and Chocolate Chips Lovers.
    Who want Ice Creams? Bake the sweetest desserts in the universe with Yogurt Maker, a fun and free app that's all about tasty chocolate treats!
    When you can't sit down and eat all of the Ice Cream in the world, why not bake, design and decorate them on your phone?
    Get ready and enjoy the real time chef cooking experience of yummy, milky & fruity frozen yogurts. It’s for sweet hungry kids to make their own Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream. Time to bring sweet imaginations into play on your smart phones to make and décor healthy Frozen Yogurts.

    When yogurt meets with ice, what will happen???
    Play the app and you will see!!!
    Make the REAL frozen yogurt by yourself
    Choose your favorite flavor
    Mix with different toppings and fruits
    Then EAT IT right away!!!

    Large range of frozen yogurts to choose from.
    Enormous decoration items like fun-faces, toppings, chocolate chips and colorful candies.
    Design and create your Frozen Yogurt to make it beautiful and extremely delicious!
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