Crazy Hill Racing




    Crazy Hill Racing is a bike racing game over the roads on hills. Both skills and attentions are required to beat your opponents and win the race.

    Climbing on the hills with bike is more thrilling and interesting. Download this free game and enjoy that thrilling!

    Different stages and levels gives you different taste of fun and thrilling! Please remember that excellent physics is there on wheels of your bike. It may make you crashed if you didn't give proper respect to physics.

    Maintain your speed, apply brakes whenever needed and be careful on slopes of the hill. Don't give up if you failed. Try more to win.

    - Good physics and nice graphics
    - Multiplayer mode which lets you to play with your friends, family members, neighbors and other players in the world
    - Lot of levels
    - See the video replay of your play at end of the level and share it with your friends

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