Baby Adopter Galaxy




    Baby Adopter Galaxy is a new role playing fantastic babysitting game in Baby Adopter family of games.

    Set in the interstellar travel environment, where babies and their parents are
    traveling on a spaceship, the mission is to have a safe travel and take care of your child.
    The voyage, fantastic spaceship and planet locations environment add to the experience of taking care
    of your little kids.

    Baby Adopter Galaxy is a babysitting, nursery and dress up game by
    x2line set in the interstellar travel environment for people who like fantasy traveling
    and like to take care of children.

    In Baby Adopter Galaxy there are 4 little kids to choose from.

    Adopt and feed a cute little kid!
    Feed your baby and purchase socks, clothes, hat and shoes and toys and take care.

    You have to feed your baby when hungry. Your baby has to be with energy equivalent of 30.
    And do not let your baby get sick... This is the goal of Baby Adopter Galaxy.

    Another game objective is to purchase all items for and decorate the Spaceship's Bedroom, Classroom,
    Lab, Control Center and the Planet Base and also purchase all the toys and all the space tools.

    Another objective is to hunt, find, collect and complete the collection of mini trophy creatures.
    You need to look for eggs, hunt, crack and hatch and finally own creatures which are inside the eggs.
    The eggs can be found randomly in different game locations. Need to wait after each crack
    in order to proceed with the following crack. The egg will be hatched after 3 cracks.
    The egg which was cracked once can be found in the same location.

    Baby Adopter Galaxy features Planet Match mini game which may help earn even more points
    and karma and fill the time while you're waiting. Planet Match is a full featured match 3 puzzle
    adventure game with 100 levels of difficulty.

    The level is completed when you collect a given number of planet debris OR break all ice tiles OR
    bring down all coins within a given number of moves. It depends on level's objective.
    There are 4 possible level's objectives for any level: collect planet debris, break ice, break ice
    PLUS collect debris, bring down coins. Collected debris are automatically converted into points
    within the main game Baby Adopter Galaxy.

    Magic planet is earned by matching 5 same planets in a row or column. When you swap Magic planet with a
    regular planet, it destroys all planets of the same color in a grid which adds many debris to your score.

    Special planet is earned by matching 4 planets in a row or column. Special planet has a white border.
    When you match 3 planets and one of them is a Special planet - the whole row or column of planets is

    T-chain and L-chain worth many points. You should always look for those type of chains.

    Ice is broken and destroyed if there is a destroyed planet underneath the ice. Walls are destroyed
    when the neighbor planet is destroyed. Wall grows if none of the walls was destroyed in the previous turn.

    Each completed level adds to your points and karma in the main game, helps you to advance through the
    game ranks.

    Your mission is to complete all levels in Planet Match.

    Karma represents your overall game progress and player experience.

    The baby will respond with sounds on tap on Main screen. It is possible to change sound settings
    on Account screen. The game is accessible for visually impaired and blind people (TalkBack).


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