Reckless Rider 2




    Grab your gear and get ready to roll, as you are about to embark on an epic journey with this thrilling Bicycle Impossible Stunt Game.

    Unleash your inner Moto GP stunt driver with adrenaline and extreme bike stunt driving. Bicycle Impossible Stunt Game is one of the best racing and action games in which the extreme racers are provided to perform stunts on the impossible road with thrilling missions. The controls are easy to use providing you the complete opportunity to embark and enroll as a crazy stunt driving master however, the racing tracks and the impossible road gives the challenge for the road rash driver to test their driving skills and control as you guide your rider across the ramps, jumps, barrels, and obstacles.

    Test your limits in this adrenaline-packed cycling game and find out how long can you last without getting caught by the cops. Chase your rivals at superfast speeds, zip through traffic obstacles, speed up or slow down and evade the cops until you reach the end. Drive fast, do near misses and perform stunts to get lucrative bonuses.

    To all the crazy BMX bicycle riders, get ready to enroll for an epic and adventurous bicycle ride on an impossible road. With this amazing trilling and action stunt driving game, you are required to showcase some extreme professional freestyle BMX cycling stunts on a thin and buggy road with continuous obstacles.

    Satisfy Your Extreme Cravings
    Reckless Rider - Bicycle Impossible Stunt Game will satisfy your extreme bicycle and road rash cravings and will test your bike riding skills with impossible obstacles to pass in every level of the game. Reckless Riding on a flashy road and rooftop ramps will help you to satisfy your extreme cycling and stunt fever as you are about to make some of the furious and crazy jumps on the roadside hills.

    So, hop on to your BMX bike and zip through the mean streets till you reach the finish line. This is a perfect bicycle racing adventure game for those who are searching for challenging cycling stunt games. This amazing Reckless Bike Bicycle Rider Game boasts incredulous graphics, realistic interface, detailed environments, great agility to do wheelies and stunts. What’s more is an exclusive turbo boost for a super charge and cash unlocks for newer Bicycle.

    On the extreme bicycle missions look out for the ramps, showcase your talent in performing different stunts on the impossible roads with fast and flashy roads, jump in the mid air and duck through the obstacles to carry your score at the peak and learn some of the most amazing moves in the sky.

    Crazy Bike Rider - Game Features

    Interactive gaming experience with user friendly GUI
    Beautiful 3D environment
    Amazing bicycle physics and controls
    Extremely interesting cycling missions
    Epic missions with extreme stunt bicycle driving
    Satisfy your cravings with extreme and impossible road missions
    Ride your bike fearlessly and perform crazy stunts on the rooftops and impossible roads
    Become an epic road rush driver in this amazing action and thrilling game

    So, what you are waiting for? Download this amazing and interactive, high packed action cycling game today and enroll your name in one of the craziest and extreme stunt drivers on an impossible and dodgy road.