Offroad Jeep Parking 4x4




    Do you plying hard car parking games and want to play something new in this parking category? Zing Mine brings Off Road Jeep Parking 4x4 for you to quench your thirst for this thrill. In this challenging game user has to park his jeep at a specific location after crossing certain hurdles in the way. This off-road simulation game will test your pro driving skills to the ultimate levels. As a hill driver you have to pass through hurdles like land sliding, rivers, wood logs, dangerous turns and fire rings to complete your mission. In this parking game you have to park your jeep at a specified location after passing through all these difficulties. This is a dangerous thing to do. Your control on your vehicle should be very stern. You can increase your speed at some point but for a limited period because you have to avoid all the hurdles which you can’t do while you racing.
    This parking might be much easy in car, but 4x4 vehicles are much hard to control in these treacherous roads. This sim can be the best parking game for 2016. Along with challenging task, scenic off-road environment will keep you intact for longer period. This is much different from other GT racing games. Mountains are in your way and you have to climb on it to park your jeep at the safest location of the area. You have the selection option among multiple 4x4 vehicles. You have to earn money by completing your tasks and from that money you can buy jeeps of your own choice. You can consider this game as a driving test practice. You precision of parking is most important thing. There are multiple type of test tracks to complete whole game. Use all your driving and parking skills to complete missions without failing them.
    So, what you are waiting for? Download this amazing FREE game on your smart phones and start playing this most adventurous parking game of the decade.

    Key Features:
    • Most rugged terrain for off-road parking game.
    • Smooth 4x4 jeep controls
    • Perfect driving and parking physics
    • Option to choose between multiple type of vehicles
    • 10 challenging missions
    • Various types of hurdles
    • Excellent sound effects and HD graphics