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    The game starts with a board filled with elements of different colors. The goal of the game is to remove all elemnts from the board by clicking on groups of elements of the same color. The elements can be grouped as lines, corners, rechtangles, etc. The more elements are removed per click the more points you get.

    You can choose between 5 game modes:
    - Normal: The goal is to completely clear the board.
    - Column: gaps are filled with new columns.
    - Gravity: Similar to the mode "Column", the gaps are filled but not only top to bottom but following the gravity (based on the amount of elements).
    - Infinity: It constantly adds new items for (an almost) infinite clicking fun.
    - Row : Be careful with your clicks! each succesful click will add a new row of balls, the game os over when it reaches the top

    All modes other than normal have a limit of 100 moves. Ranks can be improved by removing as many elements at one time as possible.

    In addition to the modes, you can choose between different sizes of the elements and the amount of colors.
    A special mode for sinistrals.

    While playing you can get badges. The rest is fun incl. some surprises.

    Enjoy and let me know, if you have ideas for improvements.