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    Desert Island Fishing's review

    Published: 2017-08-25, by .

    Head out to the island and start reeling in some fish

    • Excellent pixel art visuals
    • Mellow retro soundtrack
    • Plenty of fish to catch
    • Simple, fun, challenging, and very addicting
    • No multiplayer
    • Slow and tedious gameplay progression

    "Cast your line"


    Ah, the joys of being in the open outdoors, without any distractions. In Desert Island Fishing, it’s just you, the rod, the seemingly endless ocean and plenty of islands to choose from. To get started, simply swipe up to determine how deep your line will go. You’ll catch hundreds of fish and plants from the ocean, and even trash that humans have left behind. Using your in-game journal, you’ll see which fish you haven’t caught and how deep to cast your line. Once you’re done, you’ll unlock new islands to start catching even more fish, plants, and trash.


    With excellent pixel art visuals, a mellow retro soundtrack, and plenty of fish and plants to catch, you won’t finish this highly addicting and instantly relaxing arcade-style fishing game, which is a blast to play.


    As this game is designed for single-player play, don’t expect to find any multiplayer modes at all. You’ll also have to bear with the game’s slow progression, which can make the game feel boring and repetitive at times.

    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Aug 25, 2017


    Lost at sea, nothing to do but fish! Jump into a universe overflowing with surprises and addictive re-playability in the newest game from Springloaded, winner of a Google best of 2016 Indie games award!

    · Fun, simple, one-touch arcade fish catching, inspired by the greatest fishing games of all time!
    · Hundreds of fish to find, all with their own unique entertaining descriptions.
    · 7 Islands (plus more if you figure out how to find them). Each one has their own inhabitant who has a rich backstory to explore!
    · Upgrade your gear and power up your heroes to make fishing for those boss fish a walk in the park!
    · (Coming soon) Link up with your friends and play daily challenges together against the rest of the world!
    · Dive deeper into the Pixona Universe! Meet fishing heroes from our other games, Tiny Dice Dungeon, Campaign Clicker and The Last Vikings."

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