Shoot down invading enemy fighters!!
    Simple to control, addictive game play!
    Stand up with courage and protect your family, protect your country!
    So get into the gunners seat of your allied tank.
    Fire your cannon by pressing the buttons, but be patient and time your shots to take down the invading fighters.
    The more fighters you shoot down with one shot the more points you will receive.
    Get combos by shooting down multiple fighters with one shot, the bigger the combo the more points you get!
    Press either of the buttons on the bottom right and left of the screen to shoot.
    //Game Description
    Shoot down the enemy fighters coming from the right side of the screen.
    If a fighter gets to the other side they have entered your country and you will lose one life, shown in the top right hand corner off the screen, if you lose 3 lives its game over.
    But watch out for the Red Cross helicopters coming to help your country, if you shoot just one down its game over.