Fishing RPG




    You can fishing and hunting in like RPG Game World.
    Let's explore the world to get unique species.

    - Easy and Casual fishing game.
    - You can also enjoy action games that catch snakes and octopus even on land.
    - Hunt your target fish with various kind of fishing rods.
    - This fishing-world became a broader by each update.

    [How to enjoy Fishing RPG]
    ◆About Fishing
    Fishing process 1
    [casting (fishing-cast)]
    touch the fish icon by right timing.

    Fishing process 2
    [wait or drag reel]
    Select fishing rods.

    "Ordinary fishing rod" consumption of fishing bait is 3.
    Kind of waiting-fishing.
    You wait and see until catching a fish at a fishhook.

    "Fly rod" consumption of fishing bait is 4.
    Continuous hits of reel-button.
    Compete for fish by power.

    "Spinning reel rod" consumption of fishing bait is 6.
    Fishing food consumption is the maximum.
    However, Surely catching the target fish.

    Various kind of stage.
    Ponds, rivers, lakes, swamps, drains, beaches, oceans, underground lakes,etc.

    ◆About Hunting
    You can catch reptiles and amphibians with like ARPG game action on land.