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    Published: 2015-06-08, by .

    Navigate your blue block to the portal in as few moves as possible in this challenging, swipe puzzle game

    • Sleek, minimalist design
    • Easy to learn, hard to master
    • 2 gameplay modes
    • Loads of levels
    • Ads (unless you upgrade to Premium)
    • No leaderboard
    • Gameplay could be more varied

    "Push it good"


    Escape Block is a a truly challenging puzzle game, in which you must slide the blue block to the portal in as few moves as possible, avoiding the obstacles that impede your path and moving as quickly as you can.

    Deceivingly easy to get the hang of, the difficulty level soon cranks up after the first few levels, and all of your powers of logic and deduction will quickly need to be deployed.

    The app features 2 game modes, Classic and the Survival: in Classic, there are 5 seasons with 18 levels each, and you must earn stars from winning each game to unlock the next level. Survival mode has the same levels as those you've completed in Classic mode, but in a random order - the challenge is to beat all the levels with just three lives.

    With a minimalist blue design, and an addictive, 80's style synth soundtrack, Escape Block is a time-killer in the truest sense of the word.


    Escape Block is very easy to get to grips with, and a small tutorial guides you on your first go. The swipe controls are very responsive, which helps you focus on the real task in hand: figuring out the right path for your blue block to reach the portal.

    The game is genuinely challenging after the first few levels, and the variation of gameplay modes keeps things more interesting, though Survival mode depends on the levels that you have already completed in Classic mode.

    The app runs completely smoothly, and isn't complicated by lots of menu options. Navigating through around is intuitive and easy, ans the whole design of the app is sleek and minimalist, which we love.


    The full-screen video ads are both irritating and intrusive, but these can be removed with a one-off IAP upgrade to Premium.

    Thought there are 2 game modes, gameplay is essentially the same in both. Variety, and more interest, could be added by adding achievements and level-ups to the game to make things more interesting.

    Though you can log in through Facebook and invite friends to play, there is no clear leaderboard system. Pitting yourself against opponents in time challenges, or comparing your scores with others, would certainly increase the competitive element.

    Though we love the sleek and minimalist design of the app, it might be cool to allow players to customize the color theme.

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    by Jayne , Appszoom

    Jun 08, 2015


    Mobile StartupZ - "An amazing and addictive new concept of a puzzle game".
    Appszoom - 7.9/10, "Push it good".
    GameReporter - “It’s a challenging puzzle”.

    Escape block is a puzzle game for mobile devices. Your objective in the game is to move the blue block to the portal, but to do that you will need to pass through obstacles that will make your job harder. The game has seasons, and each season has eighteen levels and will introduce to the player a new obstacle.

    The game has two modes of playing, the Classic and the Survival. In the Classic mode there is five seasons and each season has eighteen levels. The player needs to play each level to get stars and unlock the next level and if it has enough stars the season. In the Survival mode the player will play all the levels from the Classic mode but the levels will be displayed randomly. The objective is to beat all the levels with just three lives.
    In the future achievements will be added to the Survival mode to increase the challenge!

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