Four Blocks Magic Puzzle Game HD Free

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    Four Blocks Magic Puzzle Game HD Free

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    Four Blocks Magic Puzzle gets your fingers into perfect shape with the workout!


    Move blocks around the board using the free cell. Try to get match blocks with same colour blocks into winning combinations:

    * 4 Blocks forming a square
    * 6 Blocks in line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal)
    * 4 Blocks on board corners

    A timer sets challenging time limits - Try to achieve this quickly! If the time indicator reaches the end, some of your Blocks will get locked (you can't move them anymore).

    However, you can always form a winning shape with those Blocks and they will get unlocked.

    Bonus points are also awarded with BONUS BLOCKS:

    * Time Freeze (freeze time for 30 seconds)
    * Unlocker (unlocks QUADS coloured like the current shape)
    * TIMES 5 (DIAMOND) Bonus (the score for the current shape is multiplied by 5)


    * Superb graphics
    * Fun sound effects
    * Optional voice effects
    * Background music
    * Saves game state

    This game is recommended must for fans of puzzle games !!
    Try to build your own strategy and Win! Good luck!

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