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    Published: 2016-09-16, by .

    Help Zora the zombie save planet Ssorc in this fast and addictive endless runner

    • Really addictive
    • Missions, rewards, boosters, power-ups
    • Great animation and sounds
    • Easy to learn, hard to complete!
    • Needs some more social integration

    "Run, zombie, run!"


    If you're a fan of Frombie collectibles - or have never heard of Frombie, but just love a great endless runner - you will totally adore Frombie Run. This fast, frenetic, and FUN game takes all the good elements of a classic arcade game, and makes theme even better!

    In Frombie Run, the planet Ssorc is under attack from the evil Meanatoad and his Bullifrogs. It's only hope? A cute zombie girl called Zora, who along with her equally cute chums, must help bring peace back to their world. Cue non-stop running, jumping and smashing through objects as Zora avoids being captured by a Bullifrog, and travels through worlds like Tokyo, Egypt and Tibet.

    Great graphics, impeccable controls, addictive gameplay... Frombie Run has it all. We'd love to see some more social integration to ramp it up to the next level - but we just love everything about this creative endless runner.


    The design of Frombie Run is pretty impeccable: from the moment you jump into Ssorc with the animated, cartoon-strip intro. The graphics and animation are just brilliant, and the sound effects and soundtrack are equally impressive.

    The game starts off at a steady pace (with an introductory phase to help explain the control scheme), and it gets progressively more challenging as you move through worlds (level), with obstacles coming thicker and faster, and you too speed quicker and thus get less reaction time. If you fail though, it is just you: the controls are very responsive indeed.

    Frombie Run gives you plenty of extras to keep you addicted: missions and rewards, power-ups and boosters, different characters to play... all of which can be purchased with coins you earn in the game, or with real money via IAP. We love the fact that you also get an extra chance to say yourself from dying (when all your other reserves have run out) by watching video ads.


    Frombie Run is a fun, energetic, and exciting game that will keep all ages entertained. There are lots of in-app purchase opportunities... perhaps some parental controls would be useful?

    We would also love to see some more social elements injected into the game: the ability to log in with Facebook, challenge friends, compete against the global leaderboard... these would all be welcome additions.

    If we were really nitpicking, then we would laso recommend a tutorial section (just to remind you of controls/how power-ups work), sicne the only instruction you get is at the very start.

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    by Jayne , Appszoom

    Sep 16, 2016


    Welcome to Frombie Run!

    In the spirit of classic arcade endless-runner games, Frombie Run features non-stop running, jumping and smashing action while collecting coins and crystals in this fast paced portal jumping adventure!

    "Great graphics, impeccable controls, addictive gameplay... Frombie Run has it all." - Appszoom

    "9 out of 10!" - The Great Apps

    "We can't stress it enough... the game is a ton of fun." -

    Our Story
    Long ago, the evil Meanatoad and his army raged war against the good people of planet Ssorc, turning the Ssorcians into friendly zombies and ultimately tearing Ssorc apart!

    The key to the planet’s survival is a young friendly zombie girl named Zora. Along with her sidekick SB and new friends along the way, she must escape Meanatoad’s menacing Bullifrogs and bring her planet back to peace.

    • Play as Zora or unlock any of her friends, each with different playing styles.
    • Tap and Swipe your way over, under and through challenging obstacles.
    • Collect wisps and use them to jump through portals to different worlds and levels.
    • Collect coins to buy power-ups and upgrades including speed boosts, shields, magnet power and more...
    • Complete Daily Missions to earn and unlock rewards.

    Frombie Run is based on the popular Frombies® toys and collectibles collections.

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