Heroes Paradox

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    Heroes Paradox is the story of Lugh, who becomes a leader of the heroes against the tyranny of the Monarch.
    One day, he found something big and bad happening in his adventure and decided to go to the castle of King.
    He never knew there was a secret of Kingdom.

    Now, it all depends on you whether or not Lugh’s party wins the epic battles.

    Join Lugh’s adventures and save the Kingdom.
    Build your own strategy by selecting your 4 best heroes.
    Moreover, in the event stages, you can get even more heroes and epic items to make your team more powerful.

    * 12 Unique heroes and 12 skills (3 Actives, 9 Passives) for each
    * Easy command : Drag to move, Touch to fire main skill
    * Upgrade main skill for more powerful action and effect
    * Automatically fire two sub skills for focusing on combat
    * 35+ Battlefields and new enemies
    * Various stage types such as run, rush, and ambush based on the storyline
    * 10+ Colossal bosses and cinematic scenes
    * 100+ Items including legendary gears
    * Original sound track
    * No In-app purchases

    * Recommended Devices: iPhone 4S, iPod touch 5th gen, iPad 2/mini or better.