Roborogue is a Roguelike game.
    The player's goal is to control Robo and reach the deepest level of a randomly-generated dungeon.

    • Random Dungeon
    The dungeon's layout is randomly generated, with the placement of items and enemies changing every time.
    Explore each floor to find the stairs, and descend to proceed to the next floor.

    • Turn-based combat system
    Each time a player takes an action such as movement or attacking, enemies will also take one action.
    Until the player acts, the enemies will not act either.

    • Permadeath
    It is game over when the Robo the player controls is destroyed.
    When you get a game over, all the items and money you have will be lost.
    The player will have to create a new Robo and begin the adventure again from the starting point.

    • Autosave Feature
    The game data is automatically saved when the game is terminated.
    However, if you terminate the game while a turn is in progress, it will be treated as a game over, please be sure to always wait until the turn has ended before terminating the game.