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    Published: 2016-02-22, by .

    Go rescue your jelly girlfriend in this brilliantly entertaining arcade jumper

    • Great graphics and effects
    • Truly challenging
    • Responsive controls
    • The perfect time-killer
    • Needs an intro
    • Love what we've seen, now we want MORE

    "Ready, jelly?"


    Jelly Arcade is a brilliantly entertaining arcade jumper game from devs, Bitcraft. This delightfully amusing (and completely FREE) game, with it's cartoon graphics and quirky characters, is easy to get the hang of, quickly has you hooked, but is devilishly difficult to master.

    Your arch-enemy has kidnapped your girlfriend, and your mission is to hot-foot it through the forests and caves to rescue her, leaping to avoid the many obstacles in your path - think evil birds, bats, frogs, rocks, machinery, and more.

    This game of reflexes is fast-paced, and the perfect time-killer to dip in and out of when you have a couple of minutes spare. Jelly Arcade's design is spot on, with sound effects and soundtrack to match. A highly recommended source for your daily dose of fun.


    Jelly Arcade is brilliantly well designed, from the moment you open the app: from its sharp graphic design, to its endearing characters and soundtrack. At the start of each different level, you learn a new skill via a brief tutorial, and the pace of the game quickly ramps up. The controls are beautifully responsive, and the game presents a truly challenging test of reflexes.

    You can attempt each level as many times as you want - there's no limit on lives. But the fewer times you die, the better you score - and the better you'll fair in gaining achievements and a top place in the global rankings. We love the option to view footage of your last successful attempt, to help you complete the level quicker the next time - watching the action replay helps give you pointers on when and how to avoid the obstacles.


    It's hard to find fault with what the game offers already. It takes a known and loved genre, and presents a fun and well conceived adaptation - which though not hugely original, is fully entertaining nonetheless.

    We know about the storyline via the developer's description - it would be lovely to have an intro, telling you all bout how your girlfriend was kidnapped, and the lengths you must go to find here. It would also be nice if the tutorial pointers were available in a help menu, not just at the start of levels.

    Apart from that, it would be nice to see the introduction of multiplayer options, plus more power-ups and achievements.

    Jayne Appszoom logo

    by Jayne , Appszoom

    Feb 22, 2016


    Cartoony action in an arcade-style puzzle jumper.

    Your arch-enemy has kidnapped your girlfriend!!
    Run, jump and catapult your way through forests and caves to get her back!

    Use your reflexes and ingenuity to collect stars and medals along the way, but watch out!
    The journey is long and full of hurdles, with nasty snakes, birds, bats, frogs, lava, moles, machinery and more!

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