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    One day, the hero who has been transferred to a school.
    I could not make a boy 's friend with a shy away at the former school.
    But this time the mind is turned over! Make lots of friends and have fun school life! It is!

    Let's chat with school boy students and become friends!


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    · People who love school items
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    [Kazuteru Aikawa]
    The same class and the same class as the main character
    It tends to look cool, but it's quite hot.
    Masanori is the twin brother.

    [Hikaru Uesugi]
    Class chairperson.
    I like books and borrow books.
    It looks natural.

    [Eizi Akiyama]
    Seniors over the first grade.
    The house seems to be a famous tea ceremony family.
    Seniors with good contacts.

    [Kaoru Iiduka]
    Junior under the first grade.
    I feel angry.
    It seems that melonpan is a favorite.

    [Masanori Aikawa]
    Kazuki is the twin brother.
    Quiet and silent.
    Human observation is a hobby.