Knives Hits 2




    A knife hit happens on the tree and this is the main gameplay of the game. But you are also waiting for bosses who will surprise you with their design. In the game, you have to strike with a knife hit time after time until all the knives are stuck in the tree. If you miss, when you hit with a knife, you will lose. Avoid the arms of other knives and throw it in time then everything will be fine! The beetles creep along the trees, if your knife hits a beetle, then you put it in your collection. By collecting the right amount of beetles, you can buy yourself new knives that have their own physics and their uniqueness. With new legs to make a throw will be much more interesting! Knock and smash all the obstacles!

    Features of the game Knives Hits and Knife Hero:
    1. A game about stabbing a knife hit
    2. Realistic physics
    3. A variety of different knives
    4. In this game you are waiting for the bosses

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