Mahjong Country Adventure - Tile Titan Match Game




    Are you ready to master this countryside Mahjong challenge?!

    Mahjong Country Adventure is a relaxing free Mahjong game with beautiful artwork and music, set in a lovely countryside world. Play 120 levels and unlock 60 beautiful handcrafted pieces of artwork with country landscape, autumn harvest and easter themes.

    A relaxing mahjong game
    Unlike other mahjong games, our standard and expert levels are designed in ways that guarantee they will always be solvable. Sit back, relax and clear the tiles without worrying you are heading into a trap and creating an unsolvable level. Hints are always available if you need a helping hand.

    Collect and craft treasures
    In every level, you will find one or more crafting component tiles. When you match these tiles you will collect the items. At the end of each level, you can open 1-3 to treasure chests to get even more materials. Combine the crafting items into a treasure which you can sell for 100,000s of gold coins!

    Our Mahjong Game Features
    - New easy to play mahjong mechanic and hint system
    - 120 levels
    - 60 beautiful pieces of artwork which can be downloaded
    - Daily rewards
    - Every level uses different tile sets
    - Replay for high scores
    - Earn coins and unlock more matching game boards
    - Become the mahjong master!

    No wifi or internet access needed to play
    Enjoy Mahjong Country Adventure everywhere you go without needing an internet connection. It is a free game that doesn't need wifi in order to play.

    Land 1 - Countryside Artwork
    The first land revealed is the countryside map. Let us return to the simplicity and joy of country cottage living with our Country Adventure Mahjong game!

    Take a trip to the countryside and take in the beautiful scenes and fresh air! Imagine yourself with the country animals and enjoyed country lives. You helped with the farming duties including picking up fruits from the orchard or providing a hand to the horses. At night you would eat a simple but delicious meal prepared with love and fresh ingredients.

    This incredible Country Adventure Mahjong game will help you remember the beauty of the countryside. Beautiful artwork is revealed at the completion of each Mahjong board. If you have never visited the country, this theme will help you explore every corner of country living.

    Land 2 - Autumn Harvest Artwork
    An additional set of artwork is available once you complete the countryside land. Here you can enjoy beautiful autumn harvest images. Pumpkin patches, Thanksgiving turkeys, carriage rides, and sunflower fields are just a few of the treats available to enjoy the fruits of summer labors.

    Land 3 - Easter Bunny Hope Artwork
    The final set of artwork is revealed once you complete the autumn harvest land. Now you will get to enjoy cute pictures of bunnies, easter baskets, waterfalls and much more. Can you hunt for the easter eggs hidden in each scene?

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