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    MaxDominator's review

    Published: 2018-04-05, by .

    Stack dominoes and match the tiles in this exciting game

    • New and original way to play a classic
    • Amazing electronic music
    • Very addictive
    • Only available for Apple devices
    • It is not a free download

    "The addictive vertical domino"


    MaxDominator gives a cool twist to a well known classic game. This mix of Domino and Tetris combines qualities of both the arcade and the board game. It is dynamic and also makes you exercise your brain. You will have to flip the falling domino tiles, match them and make them disappear.

    The interface design has a distinctive touch and, even though it doesn't offer a wide range of features, the setting menu brings anything the user may need. In general, the app is well crafted and detailed. It runs smoothly and it is really easy to function.


    The music is amazing. Above all, the music stands out as an extra ingredient to give flavor to the game. If you turn the volume up, the electronic rhythms will create the perfect atmosphere wherever you are. Overall, a new and original way to play with domino-like tiles. Once you start, you will definitely stay for more.


    The price could be a handicap for MaxDominator. There are a lot of games available in the app market and some of them completely free. However, MaxDominator is not really expensive for being such an efficient time-killer. Give it a try and check it for yourself.

    Christian M

    by Christian M

    Apr 05, 2018


    Are you ready for a challenge? Revisit a childhood classic in this addictive tile-matching game with a twist.

    Stay in the game by connecting cascading dominoes to clear the screen. Sounds simple? Soon you'll learn that just matching dominoes is not enough to achieve high scores. Building increasingly complex stacks promises greater reward, but also greater danger. You will learn how to unlock an avalanche of falling tiles causing cascades of matches with a single well placed domino - then the real fun begins!

    • distinct clear design
    • 4 different game-play modes
    • simple rules and scoring system
    • tap-swipe and buttons control
    • replay your best turns, interrupted and saved games
    • analyze your progress
    • more to come soon...

    Watch the game in action on YouTube MaxDominator channel.

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