Memory Game - Millie and Teddy

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    * Play the matching pairs game
    * Train your memory
    * Fun memory game with different game levels
    * No adds and childsafe.
    * The Millie & Teddy Memory Game for Kids contains 3 different levels of difficulty.
    The easy level has 6 tiles, medium 12 tiles and hard 20 tiles.

    A classic memory game.
    Use your memory to pick matches.
    Select two cards to match a pair.
    Simply touch the card to turn it over to see the picture and then try to find its match.

    * The Millie & Teddy Memory Game is a simple and accessible “matching pairs” type game, ideal for children. It is a game for children of all ages, babies, preschoolers, schoolchildren and teens. Both boys and girls will love this game.

    * The clear and simple presentation together with the accessibility of this matching pairs game makes it ideal for use with children, also for children with special needs.

    * The images in the Memory Game are based on the universe from the well-known children's books in Denmark named ”Trunte Lunte” - ”Millie & Teddy” in English.
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