Money Craft




    Craft Money
    Craft Money - collect money guessing cell !
    Beautiful pixel graphics and music , score points by collecting coins in a cell , select the cell appears note by clicking on it . Compete with your friends who will gather more and guesses ! Share your scores around the world , whether one of the first leaders ! Make your piggy bank thickest and rich !
    How to play - you have a bundle of money in the middle , you need to click on the cell to add the very top , the game on time! Guessing you will be added the game, if the time is subtracted wrong ! Uspey collect as many coins!
    Like to count money ? Then you'll definitely enjoy it! If you are very careful and you have quick response , then you have a chance to become the first millionaire of all their friends on points in the game!
    Play for free and win records , you can now !
    Thanks for playing with us, leave us your feedback and we will try to make our game more interesting and attractive to you with updates !