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    Published: 2015-11-06, by .

    A game that combines trivia knowledge and your ability to spell.

    • Three Difficulty Levels
    • Easy to Use
    • Addicting
    • Colors

    "Tricky Word Search"


    Try to figure out the words that are hidden in this puzzle - but be careful: it isn't always the first thing that you see.


    This game is a unique twist for people who are sick and tired of playing the same trivia games or the same word games. It isn't too difficult, but it will make you think quite a bit about the words and your own intelligence. All you really need is one finger and you can play, and the controls are very receptive. The game is quite addictive, so be prepared to play for a long time. If easy seems to go by quickly - you have two more difficulty levels!


    The colors on Monkey Wrench can make your eyes hurt a little bit, so it is best to turn your screen brightness down a little bit.


    by Noel

    Nov 06, 2015


    Monkey Wrench is a fun word find quiz game with a twist that will challenge your brain – you have to use the clues to figure out what the hidden words are! If you like crossword puzzles and wordsearch games, you’ll love Monkey Wrench!

    The answers will be about movies, food, science, sports, music, fashion, history and many other subjects (with lots of fun wordplay) – the 3 difficulty levels and helpful hints will give you just the kind of fun word-searching fun spelling game you’ve been looking for. Words are hidden in a grid, but the monkey wrench in the quiz that will tease and challenge you is that before you can find the words, you need to work out what they are!

    Each puzzle consists of a grid of hexagonal tiles with letters. Some tiles are shaded; these are the first letters of the clues that fit into the categories at the top of the screen (swipe sideways to see more categories). Trace or tap a path of connected tiles to select letters and spell out an answer. If your answer matches one of the clues spelling out the word, the tiles disappear and you will find yourself closer to solving the puzzle. Use your brain to hunt for all the clues to clear the tiles and win!

    Monkey Wrench comes with one free bundle of 25 puzzles (with more puzzle packs available for purchase) and the three most recent daily puzzles are also available. Every puzzle has three difficulty levels – find the right one to tease and challenge your brain:

    EASY shows you all the full answers to the clues you need to search for.
    MEDIUM shows you only the first letters of each word.
    HARD gives you nothing but blanks to fill in.

    You can monkey around between difficulty levels hunting for answers by resetting the puzzle. You may also use the available hints to reveal the vowels of a clue, the last letter, or its location in the grid. Monkey Wrench is a puzzle challenge for all ages with categories to give everyone interesting challenges to solve. The daily puzzles will tease and challenge your brain while you try to hunt for the answers and unravel this fun and entertaining word quiz.

    Monkey Wrench is no ordinary word game (crossword, anagram puzzle, wordsearch, etc.) – before you can find the words, you need to figure out what they are by using the clues provided. With three difficulty levels to tease and test you and terms to hunt for from pop culture, science, geography, history and so much more, Monkey Wrench is word-puzzling fun for the whole family!

    The Monkey Wrench app comes with a free pack of 50 puzzles, free daily puzzles and more than 1000 additional puzzles available for purchase. Download Monkey Wrench today and play the most creative and interesting spelling quiz game that is as addictive as it is fun.

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