Neon Star Sword




    Neon Star Swords
    Play in the dark ! You and you will be seen from the neon arms and swords ! Glows in the dark !
    With the app Neon Star swords feel ourselves as space wars ! Entertain your friends different types of light weapons. Select the type of sword , select the color you 'll fight and then click on it you will see the inclusion of the sword animation with sound!
    Take the phone in your hand like a sword and battle with friends jokingly including sound real star of the sword. Realistic sound and graphics neon swords ! Swords will be added with updates.
    What would you rather choose to play you like a sword, and click on it. Many people who love guns , people like to keep it in his hands and pretend that they enjoy.
    Swords have their own sound and light differently. Some very loud , some are quiet. Connect your phone to speakers at home and let the neighbors think that you have a war involving supernatural sword ! Game application does not require an Internet connection - so you can use it in any dark places ! Night at the cottage or in the basement with friends.
    Arrange in his yard in the evening a little intergalactic war of neon swords ! Turn off the lights at home and play with your friends!
    Play free app , you can now ! Thank you for choosing us, leave us your feedback and we will reply to you all and try to make our game updates even more beautiful and attractive for you!