Car Climbing Mountain 3D




    Car Climbing Mountain 3D,Control a car in the path uphill to downhill to the finish line. Control your car to climb hills with most realistic control to face the challenges of unique uphill & downhill environments. You can control your car with the steering wheel to the direction left and right. Click button forward and reverse for control a car to follow the desired path. Makes players feel like they have to drive through the route most excited. With a dynamic game with fun and realistic thriller with a car. Great graphics and car physics simulation. Realistic driving simulation. And driving skills. The timer to drive. if you can success this you will move to next level. You have got a timer. So you must make best time for every level. Drive and climb throughout different scenarios. Beautiful scenes like the island. Excited you every second to make time to a minimum until the finish line.

    You can get it free from App Store!

    How to Play
    - Controls by a button forward and reverse.
    - Controls the steering wheel to turn left and right.
    - Count time to drive and show the time when you reach the finish line.

    - Easy to play and controller
    - Test your driving car on the road skills
    - Controls the steering wheel smooth
    - Controls your timer.
Real 3D graphics and hillside environment for hill climbing
    - Shows time the best of driving.
    - Beautiful Graphics and GUI
    - Car physics simulation
    - Difficulty Level
    - Lots of hill climbing fun!
    - Different camera angles advanced.
    - Real Time dynamic game
    - Mobile and Tablet Support
    - Full hd graphics with high quality