Run For Fun 2D




    Run For Fun 2D is your choice,If you want a relaxing game. it is a simple and addicting game for relaxing. This is the popular and classic runner infinite type game. Touch to screen to play for start your character run journey in this adventure.Keep items and power.Start your adventure!

    You can get it free from App Store!!

    How to Play:

    - Touch to screen to left or right
    - Runner infinite type game
    - If a crash barrier or enemy gameover
    - Keep power and items
    - Keep high score

    Game's Features:

    - This is a perfect game interface, sound, effects, gameplay, full map, full design, full animation, for such a full sound.
    - Support until you feel the most satisfaction for this asset.
    - Gameplay type runner infinite
    - Multiple screen sizing for all mobile devices.
    - Mobile and Tablet Support
    - Supporting multiple platforms
    - Beautiful & sharp graphic, funny sound effects.
    - The game is easy and funny
    - Very small size but tasty graphics