Where Is My Lamborghini?




    Where is my Lamborghini? Now you have a chance to get your very own Lambo by playing our mobile game!

    Where is my Lamborghini is a puzzle game where you try to find matching cars on the streets of Dubai. Find the most valuable cars and pick up boosters to ease your play. But remember that the clock is ticking! Can you find Your Lamborghini?

    The first game for the Lamborghini runs for 15 weeks. Every game day we hand out plenty of valuable rewards. For the first weeks, you not only play for daily rewards but also to get your invitation to the TV series casting. Selected contestants take part in an experience of a lifetime in Magical Dubai. Every week the winner of the episode will secure their place in the Grand Finale of the series broadcasted on Dubai TV channel.

    For the last 8 weeks, there will be no more casting. The going gets tough. The best mobile gamer of each week will go directly to the Grand Finale. At the end of the Grand Finale, the lucky winner drives away in a brand-new Lamborghini. Get your free Where is my Lamborghini? mobile game in mobile app stores now.

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