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    I want this bar for what? I go to the king of the people!

    This world is the law of the jungle, the law of the jungle is verified here! The best cheats to defeat the enemy is to conquer yourself, make yourself stronger, dominate the party!

    Please remember, the victory belongs only to those who are wise, handsome dregs of the game player!

    The new battle athletics class war game colorful tank all-out war! Fight for peace, fight for victory! Armed themselves, crush the enemy, defending champion!

    Play introduction:
    Move your vehicle at those without awareness of the geometry, blast them, you will get the initial experience, slowly upgrade. You'll get a point at the level of the 1 level, to upgrade the vehicle attributes, to get a stronger fighting force. Reach level 10, you will get an upgrade opportunity for each type of vehicles, vehicles have unique properties, such as high defense, attack power, and speed fast, you can choose the type you love as your car. When arriving at level 25 and level 40, you have the opportunity to choose the type of vehicle for the two time, each of which determines the ability of the vehicle to excel.
    When you think you're strong enough, you can choose to attack other tanks, although this is more difficult, but to others, you will gain more experience and rewards.

    Description of the properties and types of tanks:
    Please click on the game "?" button to see the details, it is the best textbook to help you invincible.

    Come and download this free and fun game in real time on the game!