It is a game to erase the diamond of the upper and lower game areas within one minute.
    36 diamonds painted in 6 colors, 6 color stars are glue, 1 to 6 numbers are written in 6 colors.
    36 diamonds are divided into 18 pieces in the upper and lower game areas.
    Tap on the diamond of the upper and lower game area and it will be exchanged.
    You can erase the diamond when the diamond that is exchanged and the diamter that touches the side are in the following cases.
    · Diamond color is same
    · Star color is the same
    · The same number
    · The numbers of colors are the same
    The point is determined by the sum of figures of diamonds erased and the number of diamonds.
    If a diamond remains in the game area, it will fail.
    When all diamonds in the upper or lower game area are erased, a bonus point will be attached depending on the required time and number of taps.
    Please reduce the number of taps, shorten the time to clear and earn high scores.
    The top 10 scores are recorded.
    By registering at the game center, you can see the score of others.