It is a game to erase the egg of the game area within one minute.
    36 eggs are painted in 6 colors, numbers 1 to 6 are written in 6 colors.
    36 eggs can be divided into 35 pieces in the game area and 1 piece in the home area.
    Tap eggs in the game area and you will be replaced with eggs in the home area.
    You can erase the eggs in contact with the exchanged eggs, if the color, number, or color of the numbers are the same.
    The point is determined by the total number of erased eggs and the number of eggs.
    It will fail if the egg remains in the game area.
    When all 35 eggs in the game area are erased, a bonus point is attached according to the required time and the number of taps.
    Please reduce the number of taps, shorten the time to completion, and earn high scores.
    The top 10 scores are recorded.
    By registering at the game center, you can see the score of others.