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    polycolor's review

    Published: 2017-04-13, by .

    Colors take center stage in this captivating minimalist puzzler worth checking out

    • Relaxing captivating sound
    • Intuitive one-tap controls
    • Pleasant, clean, and polished intuitive UI
    • Solid puzzle challenge
    • No hint system
    • Unclear level select screen
    • Few configuration options

    "A wonderful minimalist puzzle"


    Developer alper iskender has a simple game philosophy: keep it easy, keep it light, keep it colorful, and keep it challenging. In polycolor, you’re given just three colors: fuchsia, yellow, and cyan blue. You’re then tasked with filling in a geometrical shape with these colors, but here’s the challenge: the same color can’t fill in a neighboring space. While things start off simple enough, you’ll then have to fill in the shapes in just a few moves. polycolor will keep you relaxed as you think of the best way to complete a colorful level.


    After trying out the app, I was utterly amazed by the attention to detail in this minimalist game, which includes a captivating soundtrack that will relax you, very intuitive one-tap controls, and a solid puzzle challenge that will force you to think, making for a game worth purchasing.


    While the core gameplay brings a solid challenge, in some levels, I wish there was a hint system as well as a level select screen. The game also doesn’t feature a lot of configurable settings. Despite these issues, you’ll still must play polycolor.

    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Apr 13, 2017


    Polycolor is a marvellous puzzle game about colors that always changes the basic rules of the game to force you to think differently.

    #Ranked in the top 5 puzzle games in 30 countries!

    “Relax after a long day with this beautifully minimalistic puzzle game about color.“ - AppAdvice


    - 72 creative episodes
    - Minimalist user interface, perfect interaction with puzzles
    - Relaxing, peaceful music
    - Exclusive for Appstore

    Thank you for your support and I would like to add some color to your life with Polycolor.

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