Scary Butcher 3D




    In the small town of Eyrie, there is a Legend of the Butcher. His name is B and he lives in a house on the top of a hill with his wife, Elena. One winter, a bitter storm covered Eyrie and people were trapped in their houses for days. It was during this storm that the legend of the butcher was created.
    It is said that Elena grew ill and B was unable to help her. She died, which drove him so mad that he hacked her into pieces with his cleaver, and ate her during the storm. Once the snow ceased, B shut his shop and was never seen or heard from again; neither was Elena.
    Sometimes animals went missing and even a few teenagers disappeared. B steals animals or takes teenagers hostage. He takes them and butchers them for meat.
    A few days ago, your beloved cat Mr. Fuzzball went missing. Now its your turn to rescue the cat, find out the truth of Butcher Hill, and get revenge on B.
    Let’s get ready for this Adventure!!

    Scary butcher 3D Features:
    • High Quality 3D Graphics!
    • Amazing Sounds!
    • Smooth and Easy Controls!
    • Interesting activities!
    • Direction map and Hints!
    • Addictive Gameplay
    • Different Rooms and Mysteries to solve!
    • Challenging Missions!

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