Traffic High Speed City Car Racing Simulator

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    Traffic High Speed City Car Racing Simulator

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    This classic game has all the racing enthusiasts want to have: from nobody to the most wanted, you will use your excellent driving skills to win a higher performance car

    Traffic High Speed Car Racing is arguably the best racing game in mobile gaming world. Traffic High Speed Car Racing is the newest addition to the famous racing games. The only way to win is to race as fast you can. Upgrade your car to get more power, speed and durability. Grab the acceleration bar, accelerate and steer your wheel to show a perfect shift. Beat all rivals, win race competition, and get yourself crowned to be top racer in the world. Satisfy your need for top speed and become a fusion of a pro racer and a stuntman. Here I will solemnly introduce you to the biggest features of this game - a powerful custom conversion system, you can Choose your car from variety of High Speed Cars, let it be your exclusive car:

    Traffic High Speed Car Racing offers both high quality graphic and audio (both turbo engine sound and music soundtrack), it gives you realistic and intense gaming experience. You can have the best gaming experience even if you don’t have a cutting-edge device.Fame of world champion racer never comes for free. You have to get the best sports car and grab opportunity during chasing. Now a new race is going on. Get into your car and prepare for a fast drift across offroads and dirt. Race during day and night and don't forget to use your nitro with no limit

    In this latest thrill driving game, you are trapped in a perilous maze full of destructive obstacles and deadly paths!
    Test your skill by racing through the hurdles and escape the portcullis.
    Jump over fiery paths! Speedily dash through spiked, vicious gates for survival.

    Traffic High Speed Car Racing is a great racing and drifting game in terms of graphics and gameplay. As the name suggests this game is all about going airborne, jumping of ramps at high speed, performing stunts and wrecking opponent cars in mid-air these things define Traffic High Speed Car Racing.

    Traffic High Speed Car Racing
    Speed Car Traffic Racing is undoubtedly the best arcade racing game. The games are all about adrenaline. Using nitros to blast past the opponents, drifting around sharp turns. Drive the #1 critically acclaimed IOS racing game today! Get ready for the most exhilarating handheld racing experience!

    The high marks you get is depending on the speed of your car, how long you drive away and how many edge-drift you execute. Besides, you need to dodge quickly and change tracks smartly, if you hit other cars you may lose the game.

    Controls of the game are very responsive with the car responding perfectly to the touch for drifts etc. Whether you hit the accelerator, brake, or slide the steering wheel, you can a feel very smooth control experience.

    * Equitable gameplay design.
    * Tap screen to accelerate
    * One finger control model that you can play it very easy but fast-paced.
    * Tap the phonescreen to control car direction
    * Tap the boost button to accelerate
    * That is just a game.In real world you should not drive so fast
    * Tap the screen to move Direction and collect Fuel to speed up, press brake to slow down
    * Tap on the Road ,avoid passing vehicles,collect more coins
    * The real roar of the engine sound

    * Smooth fast speed car handing
    * feel the speed of pro driving,
    * drive fast & collect power-ups to boost your speed,
    * free car racing gameplay,
    * race on many tracks, to become racing driver legend,
    * 10 sport cars tuned for professional racing,
    * smooth control with precise steering,
    * drive modern and classic cars, progress through career mode