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    Published: 2014-05-26, by Peter Warrior.

    Manage your crew in deep space and explore new worlds and new civilizations...

    • Free
    • Amount of stuff and freedom of action
    • Deep, brainy gameplay
    • Design may not be for your liking
    • At first, you may feel lost. In space. You know.

    "On screen!"

    Spatials is a deep space, Trekkie inspired, management game in where you have to create and manage an outpost in a random Godforsaken asteroid in the Delta quadrant. By manage, we also mean looking after your crew's morale and needs, and try to keep alive all your staff, red-shirts included.

    For briefness's sake, just know too things: it's massive and incredibly replayable, given the vast amount of options and stuff to be done. Maps are randomly generated, so every new place you explore is unlikely to be like one where you have already been.

    User Interface is quite messy till you get the hang of it, and you may find yourself deconstructing stuff you planned just because what it looked like a three by three room is indeed a four by four without access to the corridor. Design is great, but I would have liked better a more "realistic" approach.

    It's free, ad-supported, with optional in-app purchases, so there isn't any reason you don't give it a try. A bright jewel found at the bottom of the Store.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    May 26, 2014


    It's the year 5781 — and you have been chosen to build and lead a space station in a wild corner of the galaxy! Design its rooms and corridors to make your crew feel at home. Receive hundreds of visitors who are hungry for the most amazing products in the galaxy. Explore 30 star systems and more than a hundred planets — all randomly generated for every game. Complete missions and discover new allies... and enemies! Fight for survival with a unique real-time combat system. Collect loot for your factories and equip your officers with the most advanced technology in the universe.

    Key Features:
    ■ Design a space station and watch your crew as they build it in real time
    ■ Receive visitors, cater to their every need -- and watch the credits flow in
    ■ Experience a randomly-generated galaxy with 100+ planets
    ■ Explore the surface of planets and asteroids
    ■ Find natural resources and items that your officers can equip
    ■ Engage in real-time combat with RPG elements

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