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    Thrones of War RPG – Age of Fire & Iron - Build an Arcane Kingdom of Heroes & Summoners - MMO Games

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    Thrones of War RPG is an MMO game where there can only be one ruler of the world kingdom! Raise your own empire using castle building strategy, clash with other lords in battle and rush neighboring castles with force in this medieval age adventure!

    With the dear world king recently dead, legends say a battle will arise to see who will ascend to the throne of his castle. Now, all lords and heroes in the world kingdom will rush to take the throne through MMO RPG battles!

    As lord of your own army, lead your heroes into battle and defeat other players with force to claim your title as the rightful king to the throne. If you enjoy games like Throne Rush, Castle Clash or Empire Kings, you’ll love this awesome medieval age MMO RPG, Thrones of War RPG!
    Explore a medieval age world!

    - Conquer rival clans and lords across a vast world map
    - Explore continents and journey to far away realms through the Victory Road
    - Plenty of heroes to recruit, units to command and equipment to use in battle
    Build your castle into the strongest in the world kingdom!
    - Design and build your kingdom with gold mines, barracks, shops and more
    - Build your castle into an invincible fortress by leveling up your warriors and units
    - Build your base and battle with the heroes you train yourself
    A MMO RPG medieval universe to explore!
    - Journey outside your castle walls and attack other kingdoms and engage in MMO battles
    - Clash with other lords in battle and defeat them to take their resources for your own castle
    - Play online and chat with thousands of other players
    - Use force or cunning to defeat other players in battle
    An MMO RPG with alliances and betrayals!
    - Forge diplomatic alliances with lords of other kingdoms
    - Form a clan by joining together with other players
    - Create clans and join others to fight in the arena
    - Participate in tournaments for valuable rewards
    Are you prepared to conquer kingdoms and claim castle thrones in this medieval age MMO RPG? Download Thrones of War RPG and prepare for battle today!

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    Thrones of War RPG is free to play. No purchases are required to play this game. This game is in beta - if there are any bugs, please email us directly.

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