Touch the Smiles




    ◆◇◆ Simple ◆◇◆

    It is a simple design that can play as soon as you launch the app. By a simple operation of touch only, and children, even child to touch for the first time, you'll play happily.

    ◆◇◆ Learn from the touch ◆◇◆

    With the spontaneity that you touch the screen, reaction and animation fun sound is returned. Situations such obvious also, should be a big very stimulating for a child. Children is a mass of intellectual curiosity.

    It also supports multi-touch. Try to touch it with your fingers a lot, sure you will enjoy even more.

    ◆◇◆ Play in parent and child together ◆◇◆

    Come and play in the parent and child together, or try to touch the screen, with or try to tilt, please enjoy while negotiations voice.

    Time and parents and children interact, pleasant communication is born, I am happy if you accustomed to such application.

    ◆◇◆ Review ◆◇◆

    In addition opinions as a parent, on request, from the opinions of the child, such as requests, by all means, please let us know by in review!!

    ◆◇◆ Media ◆◇◆

    - 2014/05/19 Ketchapp! -

    ◆◇◆ Credit ◆◇◆

    By Simple Icons from The Noun Project.

    - Angry
    - Crazy
    - Crying
    - Happy
    - Sad
    - Smile
    - Surprised
    - Wink