Two-O Two-O




    Two-O Two-O is a simple Number Match Puzzle where the objective is to match the numbers shown in orange and green blocks and make it read 2020!

    The numbers keep changing as more blocks keep falling from the top lanes and added difficulty which requires you to swap blocks at the bottom, so you really have to strategise carefully to hit 2020.

    All you have to do is to get yourself comfortable with the game rules. Just watch the instructions demo or if you prefer, just read through the instructions.

    No locked levels!! No In-App Purchases!! Keep playing as long as you want!
    All Levels start with different set of numbers every time!

    A great way to keep your mind sharp using simple mathematics!

    So start playing and hit the 2020 mark.

    *** Randomised start to all levels. Challenge yourself to complete the levels multiple times.
    *** Level Selection Screen with no locked levels. Pick any layout and start playing.
    *** Instructions Demo that you can watch to know the game rules. Readable instructions also provided in the game.
    *** If you get stuck somewhere, just hit Restart!
    *** An awesome way to keep your basic math skills sharp, especially for kids. Requires simple addition and subtractions skills.
    *** Game Center enabled. Complete the levels, check leaderboards, challenge friends and grab the achievement points!
    *** Warning - Some levels can be very easy while some can frustrate you to no end.

    The background texture has been taken from