Virus Clickers




    Virus Clickers is a colourful and cheerful adventure that enhances the clickers games saga with levels, different characters to chose and a great graphics and sounds effects.

    The gameplay is easy but fun:

    choose the character you want to infect
    choose the virus you prefer
    click or tap on the virus to infect the character as quick as possible

    The goal of the game is to infect all characters as shortly as possible and to get the highest score.
    Challenge your friends and try to beat your own best score.

    Viruses have different characteristics and different lethality:
    Purpureus (purple)
    A purple and soft body for a fast-spreading hungry virus
    Viridis (green)
    A big green smile for a funny and sneezing virus
    Flavus (yellow)
    Many yellow tentacles for a sleepy yawning virus
    Ruber (red)
    The little smiley red virus gives you a higher touch bonus
    Caeruleus (blue)
    A little blu angry virus, the most virulent of the group

    Higher lethality means less viruses and less clicks to complete the level.
    VPS (virus per second) means the amount of viruses per second you can produce.
    Touch Bonus: the amount of virus of a single click. More clicks mean more viruses.

    Characters have different characteristics of strenght and health:
    Angry Grandpa
    An old and angry granpa is an easy target for any type of virus.
    Boring Nerd
    Despite his young age, the boring nerd has a very poor health and viruses can beat him quite easily.
    Fatty Rocker
    This Fatty Rocker has despite its weight will not be too difficult for you to beat.
    Fit and Toned
    A healty trainer is a difficult target but don’t give up! Evolve your virus with level ups and try to beat him.
    Shaolin Monk
    Kung Fu has strengthened body and spirit of the Shaolin Monk. Only the strongest will be able to beat him.

    Features of the game:
    - fun and addictive
    - amazing graphics
    - great sound effects and brilliant music
    - humorous animation
    - 4 levels to overcome
    - different characters

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