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    Published: 2015-09-08, by .

    A cool action multiplayer featuring powerful and realistic robots

    • Excellent 3D visuals
    • Cool multiplayer gameplay
    • Great upgrades
    • Some users might think it's too hard

    "Robots on the Battlefield"


    Walking War Robots is an extremely well-designed multiplayer action game where robots are the ultimate fighters in a violent war.

    In this game, you need to win as many war battles as possible so as to earn experience points, gold, and silver. And how do you do that? Capture the beacons and try to kill as many robots as you can. Don't forget you can change the robot if it dies, so your chances aren't lost.

    The rewards obtained allow users to level-up, increase their number of slots and then buy new robots, as well as increase the power of their weapons. Choose to equip a robot, repair it, upgrade it or purchase a new one. In Walking War Robots, there's always something more to look forward to: it never stops being interesting.


    The graphics are especially remarkable in Walking War Robots: the design of the 3D animations is realistic and appealing, and the result is top-notch. The controls are also smooth and intuitive (virtual joystick and fire button), so even though the tasks are challenging, it isn't hard to get the hang of the game mechanics. Also, don't forget to swipe around to change the view and aim at the right enemies to bring them down.

    Lastly, we have to say that the multiplayer option is a great choice that works flawlessly, and teams you up with random players all around the world. Who knows who you'll be collaborating with?


    Walking War Robots isn't that original when it comes to its concept and mechanics, but with a game as well-crafted as this, we don't mind at all.

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    by Ana , Appszoom

    Sep 08, 2015


    War Robots is an action-packed multiplayer game with 6 vs. 6 team battles in real-time! Join the ranks of the Mighty Warriors!

    “Saddle up, pilot! It’s time for some mechanized, armor plated, missile firing, machine gun shooting, nuclear powered fun.”
    - Technologytell

    “War Robots is a fun online multiplayer zone capture game with energetic robot battles.”

    “This one could break big, so educate yourself now.”
    - AppSpy

    “A mechanized MMO battler with some teeth.”

    “If you like Robots and real-time PvP battles, the game will be your best choice.”

    It's a time of war, pilot! Are you ready for surprise attacks, intricate tactical maneuvers and the many sneaky tricks your rivals have in store for you? Destroy enemy robots, capture all the beacons, and upgrade your weapons to increase combat strength, speed, and durability of your battle robot. Prove yourself in each map and use different strategies and tactics to emerge victorious from battle!

    – 39 battle robots with different strengths;
    – more than 40 weapon types, including ballistic missiles, energy and plasma guns. What will you choose?
    – many possible combinations of robots and weapons. Create a war machine to fit your own play style;
    – create your own clan and lead it to glorious victories;
    – join epic PvP battles against rivals from all over the world;
    – complete military tasks for bonuses and earn the Best Pilot title.

    Onward, soldier! Victory is yours!

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    Important note: This application requires a stable internet connection. In case of any problems, please contact us at so we can work on a fast resolution. Enjoy the game!

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