World Football Kick: Champions Cup 17




    Explosive football emotions around the world - perform amazing football tricks and feel the unique atmosphere of good old football days.

    - you can play as a striker or goalie,
    - 13 amazing cups to win,
    - beat 60 classical and 60 time challenges,
    - progress through the ladder of divisions,
    - beautiful comic artwork,
    - career mode,
    - unique story to learn,
    - customize your avatar

    This game is worth playing and you will spend hours when you find out how easy is to play it. In this newest version of the football sport game you will have an opportunity to be a member of the most powerful soccer teams like. What is more, you will be able to kick the ball to the most talented football players in football world, and kick the ball to their fantastic goalkeepers. However, it is not everything in this soccer game you can play in the famous football tournament.

    Some features of this football game worth noticing are:

    you can take part in classical championships and be a member of the most powerful soccer teams. You can also choose the football player you want to play. There are plenty of famous and talented soccer players who played in many tournaments and championships.
    You can play as a strike and score goals for opponents. Use your imagination and do not be afraid of it!

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