Attack on Frog2




    Mr Frog is the journey of a new adventure! !

    Suddenly one day, Dragon attacked a peaceful frog kingdom, went kidnapping frog princess.
    In order to rescue the princess frog, Mr Frog wandering will advance with the aim of Dragon Castle.
    The stage all 8 stage, Mr Frog or will be able to rescue the princess frog safely?

    ▼ How to Play
    Frog attack it and step on the enemy character basically. Some characters that can not defeat some.

    ・Stage Clear
    Please proceed to the right. It is clear to have a boss in each stage, and defeat.

    ・Game Over
    It will be restarted from the beginning of the stage remaining number of frog is reduced, in contact with the enemy character, and may fall into the hole.
    It is game over screen the remaining number of frog when there are no more, but you can retry.

    In each stage, Kinobar (power-up), child frog (1up) is hidden. You should remember the place you find.

    Frog will move. Left, right uses only.

    · A button
    Jump. After you have a hold down the A when I stepped on the enemy character, and a large jump.

    · B button
    Dash and fire (When power-up).

    In iPad, please play in the vertical screen.
    You can not play normally it's a horizontal screen.