Fantasy Master RPG




    Welcome to darkness island, Fantasia.
    Only one thing that you should discover legendary weapon 'FantasyMaster', then you prove your strength!!
    From me to try to present the magic amulet to you.
    Now, starting on an adventure after preparing in the town!

    This is the RPG game that will become the speedrun elements.
    However, because it is a game of "personal development", please use for the breather.
    It is not a respectable content such as games such as certain game company, but I plan to the version up little by little.

    In addition, since a while you continue the current still development, has not yet been introduced some of the elements.
    If you care, I hope and many enjoy the opinions and requests.

    ▼ How
    · Basically just to touch on each screen.
    In-adventure scene, move to the right when you touch the screen right half, and move to the left when you touch the screen half left.
    · Game over when HP is lost.
    By the reincarnation, you can take over the ability of the previous adventurers.
    However, since equipment loses, please recovered to go to the place where the previous adventurer fell.
    You can recover only weapon you have equipped.
    · By strengthening the magic amulet, you will plenty strongly.
    · If you notice strange English in this app, Please teach me. I'll correct it.