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    A Trip to Okinawa Free version for iPad

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    Welcome to the Kaoru Hayashi's Okinawa Photobook, A Trip to Okinawa Free version.

    This product paid version isn't a comprehensive guidebook to Okinawa; rather, it's a collection of just over 50 photographs (Free version only 20 photographs) on the theme of
    "Blue Ocean Scenes",
    "Strolling around Naha and Shuri",
    "Visiting the Castle Remains and the Roads of History",
    and "The Island of the Bases and Trip for Memorials"
    taken during the author's own travels around Okinawa Main Island.

    Each photograph is accompanied by an explanation reflecting the author's own insights. Most are accompanied by a map (internet connection required) indicating where each photograph was taken.
    My hope is that it both serves as a reference for travel to Okinawa and inspires people to want to learn more about Okinawa.

    The information included in this application was accurate at the time of writing. Please be aware that things may change in the future.

    If you like this Free version, I recommend a Full version.

    About the author, Kaoru Hayashi
    Writer, web designer, and iPhone app developer based in Adachi-ku, Tokyo.
    Born in Kobe in 1972, around two months after the return of Okinawa to Japanese sovereignty.
    Admitted to the University of the Ryukyus in 1991, having first set foot on Okinawa for the entrance exams. Toured Okinawan battlefields, visited U.S. military bases, snorkeled, drank "awamori," and generally fell in love with Okinawa's culture, nature, and history.
    Founded DEEP in 2000 and began working as an independent web designer/programmer.