Grandpa Knew My Dad

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    Grandpa Knew My Dad

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    ***FREE For a Limited Time***

    While we are working on a update version, this app will be free! There are minor issues with each scene loading. By "loading" each scene by pressing on the animation on every page, the book can then be read from the beginning without any stalling. Our new version will fix this bug - but the current version will remain FREE for a limited time.


    An electronic Children's Book about a little elephant who gets into trouble.

    Little Seng tries very hard to keep up with the rest of the elephants, but lags behind and gets frustrated. Children can relate to this book

    The story explores ideas about love and discipline, and opens up a discussion for parents and children.

    Each page has fantastic animations and sound, making it exciting for children of all ages. This book is designed to be read by a supervising adult.

    The revolutionary part of this book is the age-appropriate discussion questions, developed by a local psychiatrist and medical doctor. The book is not pure entertainment, but a tool for families to communicate about the difficult topic of discipline.

    Children need to understand that discipline IS love, and is important for growing up happy and healthy.

    "Great book... picture books are what children need in their growing process." -Cuddlebear Publishing

    Because there is a link to Facebook, there is a warning indicating that this app is only appropriate for 17 years old and above. This electronic book is designed for a parent to purchase and read to their child. Parents must supervise children while using this app, due to the links to social media.